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#viaguerra1518, by mapping activities, aims to spread the culture of “re-use” of historic sites and give them new uses and meanings, combining the rediscovery of past events with the experience of advanced technologies. Specifically, the project aims at an interactive reconstruction of the Great War itineraries with the support of Google tools, which will be used to create and manage online maps. This mapping will allow, through the gradual implementation of a network of information points, hotspot navigation of the whole system of trails and trenches. The pilot experiment will take place in Italy, in the area of ​​Monte Piana (BZ) and on the Austrian side, with the realization of a virtually enhanced tour of the places affected by the events of the Great War.

The tour will be opened by a view taken from a drone, while individual hotspots will be accessible with multimedia descriptive materials in different languages.

Our project #viaguerra1518 is supported by the Austrian Historical Institute

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