Revenge Tourism or…forget tourism ?

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The restart after the pandemic

Revenge tourism
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Revenge Tourism or…forget tourism ? The restart after the pandemic by Fabio Casilli is the second article of Quaderno 15 “Tourism between revenge and regeneration” available in May from this link

Tourism in recent years, i.e. from the end of 2019 to today, has undergone a real tsunami that has profoundly changed the way of “doing” tourism, both by those who use it as a tourist/traveller, whose needs have radically changed, and by tourist operators

Indeed, “before” health safety did not even appear among the top twenty selection criteria.

Beyond the devastating effects of the pandemic, the seriousness of Covid as a disease, its spread around the world at a speed and ease unimaginable until then, there were important and no less serious terrible and important effects from a psychological point of view.[…]

Tourism has restarted very slowly, but inexorably.

After a long time locked up and repressed, people have developed a will to move, travel, like never before.

The need to find a “normal” life has pushed the desire to go out to excess.

This phenomenon of almost spasmodic desire to travel has been given a name that explains very well the state of mind we all had when we were able to do it again: revenge tourism

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