Stories: from Veneto to Sibillini

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How did we get from Veneto to the Sibillini? And then back again? Are there any common aspects that connect those territories? For sure there are stories of people and territories

Visually absolutely nothing. The two regions (to be precise three: Veneto, Marche and Umbria) are different, take a look at these photos. The Dolomiti, although mountains, certainly do not resemble more ancient and gentle Sibillini. Our lagoon, our rivers are quite another thing … And yet, there are common things. These things are the stories, stories related to the territory and connected  to people.

Venice – the lagoon


fiume Sile

The first time we arrived at the very center of the earthquake area we were in Norcia, December 10, 2016. I can remember that date very well as from that date the stories of Progetto Re-Cycle and those of Local Guides (volunteers who update the maps in Google Maps) have started interacting. The LG are real people made of flesh and blood, not dematerialized beings or avatars. They use the “virtual” to give another reading of the “real”. Not everyone is so “philosophical” in giving this kind of reading, but I am

Our project Re-building was developed from the meeting with the LGs . Actually, we already had it in our mind but we did not know how to do it. Re-building is  the “construction” of a virtual memory safe, with geolocalized images on a shared map, of the areas hit by the earthquake. The map is in working progress, the beauty of this type of technology is that you can continue to develop and improve. From that moment it was natural to converge in the re-reading of the territories , not only the territories affected by the earthquake but  other areas in Veneto as well. Therefore we started to talk about it in the same words of the Manifesto of Progetto Re-Cycle “to start from what already exists to start new life cycles “.

King of the world

We recently returned, at the end of April 2018, in Umbria and Marche regions, in particular in Norcia and Bolognola (MC). The reconstruction, or at least a return to normal life, proceeds in a sort of patchwork style. Some things have been done, others are still to be done. The sense of  “Donne dei Sibillini, bellezza e dignità del territorio”  is to re-start, re-construct focusing both on the value of people, especially women, and territory that represent the great treasure of the area.

Near Bolognola

View of Fargno trail

From my point of view, even a little ‘business – like” if you want (it’s because of my work), only thinking about connecting the  “real” aspects of the territory with “virtual” aspects, we can start talking about real rediscovery, with a strong cultural substrate, of the territories and people (and companies) that live it. Here I’m starting to move into “business culture” …

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