Tea at five o’clock -second edition

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Tea at five o’clock – informal conversations on FB, YouTube with entrepreneurs, consultants and people from Non Profit Organizations.- reaches its second edition.

With the first 10 meetings in live streaming, we have achieved our goal of listening and relating People from different backgrounds: from entrepreneurs to Non Profit operators, from consultants to administrators of public bodies. Now we had musicians, tour operators and merchants. As Progetto Re-Cycle we firmly believe that a positive change can be generated by the interaction between two worlds.  The world represented by culture and non-profit with the world of companies and profit. The recent lockdown can be an opportunity to become a better country. We do not need useless disputes  and we need to share ideas, we can start from ideas to work on a better future.

The message about our consumption and business models, about our lifestyles, should have reached us loud and clear. We should avoid the same mistakes and  redesign and re-evaluate what already exists, let’s start from what is good.

Tea at five

Tea second edition

Tuesdays and Fridays from May 19th to June 19th

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Federico Brocani – Marchecraft –  “L’artigianato ai tempi del Covid-19”   May  19

Dott.ssa Cristina Fasolo – Studio F4D – “Contributo a fondo perduto? Si, lo voglio” May 22

Maestro Nello Salza e Maestro Silvano Zabeo “Far musica-fase 2”   May 26   presenta Chiara Pegge

Silvia Grigolin – Family Way APS – “Associazioni e Covid 19:  i  problemi delle famiglie adesso e domani” May 29

Fabio Casilli – Tour Operator –   “L’Italia vista dall’estero”  June 5

Rosy Turati – Epos servizi traduzioni/interpretariato-  “Comunicazione multilingua efficace: Quali sono le novità?”  June  9

Dominga Pesce – Infinite Dolcezze “Street food: problemi e sfide da gestire a causa del COVID” June 12

 Roberta Bignone- Il Flauto magico ADS –  “ La psicomotricità relazionale dopo il Covid 19” June 16  

Paola Giorgia Ascani –Avvocato – “ L’alba del giorno dopo: quale Europa?    June 19 

Watch the first edition here

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