No plastic Via la plastica 2019/2020

No Plastic /Via la Plastica is the title of the cleaning activities we made on the  Venetian coast from December 2019 to February 2020. Together with other organizations, first of all “Via la Plastica – Ecological days“, we went several  times in the Jesolo and Cortellazzo area. On the beach we collected from debris, to wood , to a lot of plastic and polystyrene. What we collected is the unfortunate  result of the work of man and the force of Nature. In November 2019 Venice, the islands and the coast suffered enormous damage due to the flood wave.

The damage caused by the wind and water was huge, we ourselves found a path mapped for #disentieroinsentiero completely ruined. In addition to this we found mountains of garbage, plastic and especially crushed polystyrene. For the uninitiated, we are all running the risk to find microplastics on our plate. Cleaning is a race against time to prevent the sea from taking everything off the coast.

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