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Our association Progetto Re-Cycle (now APS – Associazione di Promozione Sociale) aims to promote new organizational systems and aggregation models by spreading the concept of recycling / reuse.

Our goal is to promote new organizational systems and new aggregation models of people, organizations and even companies by spreading the culture of recycling / reuse between economic and cultural subjects.

The APS was founded, first as an association, in 2016 with the commitment to conduct research on the revaluation of the historical, cultural, architectural, enviromental and economic heritage present on the Italian territory.

We consider a priority to facilitate the connection between the world of culture and institutions in order to identify new opportunities and to start new life cycles starting from what already exists.

We want to develop an approach to new production and consumption models and encourage opportunities  to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and culture  by developing channels for aggregating professionals, companies and institutions. Sustainability is one of the keywords.

The association was founded in 2016 as an outcome of the PRIN programme   -Research Projects of Relevant National Interest- Re_Cycle Italy carried out by IUAV – Venice

The Association spreads its message, projects and activities through its publications: the online magazine Progetto Re-Cycle (scientific on line magazine certified  by CINECA_MIUR) or through “I Quaderni“, a more flexible publication intended for a less academic target . Our Vision is in our  Manifesto.

The members of the board are: Antonella Grana (president) Luca Parisato (Vice President) Ermes Tuon (Secretary Treasurer). Communication, social and web site Antonella Grana and Emanuele Persiani

Our association is located not far from Treviso and have an operative site in Padova. We operate at national level

Since  December 2019 we have been recognized at National and Regional level id. number PS/TV0275

Since January 2020 we have been AsvIS  –  Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development – Associate

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