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Our aim is to transmit the culture of sustainability by developing the multiple aspects of Recycling contained in our Manifesto.

Rethinking and redesigning a more sustainable world with an approach which, in addition to being linked to environment and economy, becomes a new cultural project.

Progetto Re-Cycle was founded in 2016 with the commitment to conduct research on the revaluation of the historical, cultural, architectural, environmental and economic heritage that can be found in Italy .We link environmental sustainability to the characteristics of the territories, tourism and accessibility.  Digitization processes are the support for our projects as in #disentieroinsentiero #accessiblelife.

By developing channels for aggregating professionals, companies , institutions and citizens we want to develop an approach to new production and consumption models. And we really want to encourage opportunities  to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and culture. 

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Since January 2020 we have been ASviS  –  Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development – Associate, and in 2021 members of Respire, le Tourisme de Demain


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Association structure

The members of the board are: Antonella Grana (President) Luca Parisato (Vice President) Ermes Tuon (Secretary Treasurer). Communication, social and web site Antonella Grana and Emanuele Persiani.

Our association is located not far from Treviso and have an operative site in Padova. We operate at national level.

Since  December 2019 we have been recognized at National and Regional level id. number PS/TV0275.

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