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Quaderno 1

(February 2017)

This is our first Quaderno, spin off of our magazine.

Why have we had the need to create this spin off? Our first aim is to have a deeper  dialogue with our readers our second aim is  the desire to get articles focused on specific subjects.

The subject for this Quaderno is Central Italy, hit by earthquake

It is in order to proceed with the reinterpretation of this territory that we have chosen three apparently completely different articles. They are indeed connected one another in a continuous flow of past, present and future. The past of a territory read with old maps, the present represented by the emergency, and the future, with other maps, represented by Google. If we do not re-read the past, there cannot be any future

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Quaderno 2

(April 2017)

This March/April 2017 issue of our “QUADERNI” is completely devoted to the areas stricken by earthquake in Central Italy between August and October 2016

We have already visited these areas twice and we have met several people, nowadays they are more friends to us than simple acquaintances, here are their stories and the stories of their non-profit organizations , their struggle for rebuilding these areas and their feeling to be left alone.

Different Organizations but one single objective: “we don’t want to leave our small towns”

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Quaderno 3

(May 2017)

What is recycle? Can you combine the culture of recycling with “doing business”?
The event at Villa Fabris Foundation, nearby Vicenza, on May 5th started from this concept.
In the following articles you will find the different and connected ways of interpreting recycling. Associazione Ville Venete promoting the artistic heritage and the territory, Villa Fabris and the rebirth of an ancient villa as a prestigious “cultural laboratory”, Giorgio Gaino and the reinterpretation of products in environmentally-sustainable processes. Ermes Tuon and Lucio Virzì involved in two projects, Re-Building and # viaguerra1518 that re-read two territories and two stories with a mix of culture and technology, and last but not least Giulia Ciliberto and Roberto Salvato with their choices for our Rivista and the difficulties of communicating Recycle

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Quaderno 4

(June 2017)

This 4th Quaderno is devoted to Norcia, Castelluccio di Norcia and the event “Tutti Agibili per un giorno, which took place in Visso  on June 24, 2017.

August 24, 2016 an earthquake strikes central Italy. Castelsantangelo sul Nera, a very small town in Marche Region, is severely damaged especially in its most important economic activity, the retirement home. Unfortunately, a new earthquake in October destroys this activity completely.

This is the very beginning of “ Tutti Agibili per un Giorno”

“Un aiuto concreto per Castelsantangelo sul Nera”and “Progetto Re-Cycle” meet. Two different organizations, different goals but one objective in common: a different perception on business, business that can be developed mixing up entrepreneurship, solidarity, technology and culture.

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Quaderno 5

(November 2017)

A new project connecting with our projects developed so far. Two articles telling the story of two different but not separate worlds. From the Local Guide Summit 2017 in San Francisco to the Italian mountains. From Google, with Accessibility questions for people with disabilities, to  Italy with some Local Guides and our Ermes climbing the Vettore and discovering a path. Not a hidden path, far from it, just not highlighted. Enjoy the reading (it’s in Italian but Google translator can work miracles) and the pictures, they are really very beautiful…

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Quaderno 6

(December 2017)

From the artwork by Carla A. Bordini Bellandi, ENCHANTED NATURE, to the conference up to this Quaderno, everything has been, and is, an invitation to look at the theme of the environment from a different perspective, or better still, to consider the contrasting relationship between human being and environment.

The articles depict various forms of resilience, recycling, reconstruction, recovery of cultural heritage, integration between culture, business and environment. By entrusting art with the role of catalyst in the effort to raise individuals’ awareness, these different contributions and different styles are connected by the search for the identity of human being and his/her relationship with environment.

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Best Of 2017

(December 2017)

This special edition is a “the best of” articles from the previous issues of our online magazine. You will find a series of different articles outlining the vision of our magazine and association as well:

– The rediscovery of craft traditions and the use of different techniques and shapes

– The history of a territory and its product as an aggregative value for smaller companies

– Reconsider industrial production: product and process innovation

– The communication of “recycling and reuse” both as a culture and as a business opportunity

– Construction technologies, ecological limits and systemic sustainability

Last but not least, a new article on an interesting reality in the Marche Region. A start-up, founded three years ago developing a constant and detailed research on experiential and relationship tourism, a start- up representing the identity of a territory made up of craftwork and sustainable tourism.

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Quaderno 7

(March 2018)

An original and thought provoking Quaderno, a vision towards the future keeping an eye to the present. No answers but many questions.

What is the role of designers and design? Is there a relationship between imagination and design?

“What does it mean to design in a world where technologies are developing in shorter and shorter times, not allowing a reflection on what their adoption implies in everyday life in social, biological and ethical terms?” is asking Francesca Toso, the author.

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Quaderno 8

(May 2018)

Quaderno 8, its subject is School. School and its practices and technologies that remain unchanged. The tensions of school to the future. What can we reuse in terms of skills, what should we discard? The four articles give an answer and ask new questions.

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Quaderno 9

If we were to give an explanation in just two words, the focus of this Quaderno would certainly be Trees and Plastic. Trees and plastic depicted as a story, as a poem, or as news, as science fiction. Trees and the Plastic become for the authors the vehicle to talk all round of culture and the re-reading of territories, environmental emergencies and possible corrections, of man as a sentient being but also a being made of plastic, a non-man, unaware of what he sees or, better still, of what he does not want to see. “A man made of plastic” gives a deeper emphasis to the relationship between territory / culture and the increasingly complicated relationship between Man and Environment.

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Quaderno 10

Take a  short walk with us in Venice and its surroundings to talk about the environment, the culture of a territory, skills and work.

We will take you to the lagoon and to the industrial areas, to today’s companies and to the “shops” of the past, such as the Antica Stamperia Armena. And we will talk about human relationships within companies: how is humility considered?

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Quaderno 11

Air, Land , Water are the three chapters collecting the Q11 articles. Articles that tell us about catastrophic events such as Vaia storm but also suggest possible solutions such as vertical farms or the recovery of a neglected territory. Twelve articles describing the word sustainability in different ways

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Quaderno 12

This Quaderno “Artigiani di strada” has been written because of the White Rabbit, yes really because of it. It was December 2019 and considering what has happened and is happening (May 2020- Phase 2) up till now it seems more than a century ago.
We are at street market of Mogliano Veneto – I don’t even remember if it is Antiques or Christmas market – and a rabbit-shaped puppet attracts my attention. I took a picture of it and went home. I looked at him again and again.
I really like that puppet even it is not beautiful, not at all […]
In fact, at the markets you can find everything from beautiful or at least original things to real junk. From there I started to wonder who the exhibitors of these objects – the beautiful ones – were and if exhibiting
and selling at the markets was their profession or “just” a passion.

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Quaderno 13

After two years of stopping of our Quaderni, we start again from the Arctic ice to talk about climate change. We will do it from an artistic point of view with the work of Roberto Ghezzi and from an economic / corporate point of view with two pieces by Mario Burrascano / Andrea Filograno and Elisa Gagliardi / Gaia Gentilucci of Uomo & Ambiente.

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Quaderno 14

A Quaderno that covers several topics related to tourism. From the meaning of being a tourist or a traveler to widespread hospitality and the temporary citizen. From digital solutions for inclusive tourism to tourism related to culture and music. Enjoy the reading

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Quaderno 15

In Q15 we will explore sustainable tourism moving along a couple of former railways in Italy and France. We will then make a stop to understand what Revenge Tourism is: old-fashioned tourism or an opportunity to be seized to change? Enjoy the reading

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Quaderno 16

Q16 Human landscapes, urban landscapes. What is the role of human being? How important is shared participation in landscape development? Five articles will answer these questions from different perspectives.

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Quaderno 17

In this Q17 we are analyzing tourism and the outcomes of Italian 2023 summer season.

The four articles and introduction focus their attention on two aspects: the training/education of people and the critical issues emerged with mass tourism.

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Quaderno 18

This Quaderno is connected to the event TOURISM 20.0 School, tourism, territory. Its focus is sustainable tourism from young students of tourist schools’ point of view

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