di sentiero in sentieroDi sentiero in sentiero is a part of an initial project (focused on disabled) between the Sibillini and the Dolomiti Mountains.

It started by chance because of a trekking trail in the Sibillini Mountains.

The basic idea was already there: to map the mountain paths of the areas hit by the earthquake in central Italy. The objective is to create tourist offers combined with the paths of the Dolomiti Mountains.

In September, during an ascent to Monte Vettore, we came across a path, at 1600 meters, arranged for the disabled. We were surprised as we weren’t told of the existence of the path. It is important to add that as Local Guides, on voluntary basis, in September we had actively taken part in the month of Accessibility launched by Google.

Hence the idea, always supported by Google technology, to focus on mapping the paths for the disabled both in the mountains and in the plains. By mapping paths and loading them in a shared map we will be able to arrange tourist offers, possibly in several Italian Regioni.

Google published our photo of the path in the Sibillini Mountains.

di sentiero in sentiero

mountain trail – Vettore

View of Dolomiti

Some already mapped pathways

Gran Bosco dei Fontanassi – Piombino Dese (PD)

Cimitero dei Burci – Casier (TV)

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