100 hours for Environment

100 hours for Environment, the event that took place from 5 to 9 June, whose full title was “All you need is a flower – 100 hours for environment” “Ci vuole un fiore – 100 ore per l’ambiente”. The entire event, 5 days, was included in ASVIS Festival Program, the annual Sustainable Development Festival the greatest event in Italy dedicated to the 2030 Agenda

The flower is a symbol of changing perspective, as in our cover photo

The small, delicate blue flowers are in front of a devastated area in Italy. We will not show the devastation, we will not specify the place, what is enough to know is that “ All you need a flower”

100 hours for environment

We have collected most of the speeches of the 5 days event, which took place at Negozio Piave 67 , in a short video, just a few minutes. In a couple of months we will have a publication. What is  important, and that has emerged with the power of the speeches, are the results of climate change. For the environment but above all for humanity “we are running out of time”. “We must change our way of thinking” and consequently the way we act

But … can a flower be enough to start over? No, it is not enough. Not at all, it is in any case hope from which to start again. Hope that needs to be supported with concrete actions, as we have clearly understood in June.

Happy watching and keep in touch. Don’t miss our publication  – in a couple of months – with the collection of the speeches.

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