After natural disasters it is necessary to start from the reconstruction of the identity of the places. This is the aim of Progetto Re-Building

ProgettoRe-Building starts with the desire to build a sort of memory safe , shared and accessible by everyone, with
geolocalized images that can be used at the time of reconstruction or can be used for research purposes

December 10, 2016 this the first time we have been to Norcia, this is the first time we have been in touch with destruction.

October 30, 2017 the first prototype of Re-building is published. The map is “a work in progress” as soon as we receive new images we will include them in the map


It’s a map with geolocalized pictures of buildings or natural sites, in central Italy, before the earthquake. It is an open, shared and scalable project, we will add more pictures and more information on pictures such as history, architecture or whatever can be useful for the identity of the place.



With the support of ORDINE ARCHITETTI PAESAGGISTI PIANIFICATORI E CONSERVATORI DELLA PROVINCIA DI PADOVA (Protocollo nr.5426)Download the official document: Patrocinio Ordine Architetti Padova

Do you know Amatrice, Arquata, Accumoli?

Do you have any pictures of those small towns?

Maybe you were there for your holidays some time ago….

Our idea is easy: let’s build a virtual place of sharing memories (geolocalized pictures, images of those places) from which everybody can get information when rebuilding.

In our video, in its Italian, English and Spanish versions, you will discover our idea in detail.

In the video tutorial you will find out how to share your pictures with us. Quick and easy.

Give us your contribution by sharing the video in all the socials you are in.

Spread the message and send us, if you have any, your pictures.

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