Tea at 5 in villa

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Tea at 5 in villa in Zero Branco near Treviso! We will finally be in person in the amazing setting of Villa Guidini and its park. The event will have many facets, will involve multiple protagonists and is part of the ASviS 2022 Festival. The central theme is linked to sustainable tourism and the (re) launch of the territory also from a tourist point of view, there will be an exhibition dedicated to violence against women and activities to involve citizens. The program Tea at 5 in villa is divided into four parts: A workshop on sustainable and inclusive tourism. The workshop will be in italian”From women for women” photographic exhibition by Raffaella Bordini Experience the joy of cycling with special bicycles with Re-MooveLet’s work together in the park of Villa Guidini: Special bicycles experience with Re-Moove, Mapping and photo spheres activities with Progetto Re-Cycle...

Bolognola and its trails

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Bolognola and its trails were “a discovery” (for us) on April 21, 2018. We went up to Pintura, and the first things that struck us were the view of the sea, and the numerous trails that radiate out to cross the Sibillini Mountains. A beautiful area that was already in the reconstruction phase after the earthquake. The Municipality was thinking about how to relaunch the area, starting precisely from its characteristics. The second thing that struck us is a signal, located in the village square, which shows all the “Mountain Bike Excursions”. When we asked if we could have the itineraries in a Digital Map, accessible by mobile, we were told that yes, all the paths could be downloaded “in PDF format”. Why a digital map? From there, a collaboration process began with the Municipality of Bolognola, with the aim of being able to transfer information into a real...

Tea at 5 in the Sibillini Mountains – ASviS 2022 Festival

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Tea at 5 in the Sibillini Mountains – ASviS 2022 Festival, workshop on sustainable tourism Our Tea finally moves in person in Bolognola, a small hamlet in the province of Macerata. As you know, or maybe you will find it out now, we have several activities in progress in this Municipality. This workshop, which has been included in the ASviS 2022 Festival, coordinates with the activities of one other project of ours: Alta Formazione 1070. #AF1070 connects its training to the sustainable development of mountain areas and communities. Indeed, we are very keen on the development of truly sustainable and, if possible, inclusive tourism, especially for mountain areas. So, here we are! Bolognola has a very particular history. We met at the time of the earthquake in Central Italy (2016). Since then, this small town has had to – and has been able to – face enormous problems...

Tourism and sustainability at “Tea at 5”

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We had already dealt with the subject during the 2020 ASviS Festival. In this new edition of our Tea at  5 we will talk, once again,  about tourism and sustainability and we will do it above all with  local administrators and experts of  the sectors We will range from widespread hospitality to the “cross and delight” of the relaunch of the territories after Covid. What can public administrators do? Are there tourist possibilities for the smaller and lesser known municipalities of the Italian province? Is the PNRR useful, or not at all? Is it difficult to be managed by those who have few human resources in their staff? How important can widespread hospitality and Paese Albergo (a specific kind of widespread hospitality)  be for the smallest municipalities? We will answer all these questions starting from May 24 for 6 episodes. We will always be...

Sustainability and awareness

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The increased awareness of sustainability issues is a fact of 2021. There is still a lot to do – just look at how Cop26 ended – but at least the three pillars have become well known. In fact, it should be remembered, that sustainability is not only environmental but also social and economic. In 2021 we have developed several activities; we have worked on all three aspects and the numbers we have reached comfort us a lot. And now some numbers on our latest activities The results of the latest online and face-to-face activities that we have included in the Sustainable Development Festival make us understand that, although there is still a lot to do, the road is long but is the right one. These numbers, which refer to the month of October 2021, are a new starting point for us People reached online on the various channels: 20,493 Interactions: 1225 Video views – YouTube...

Accessibility and digital meet together

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Accessibility and digital meet at Tea at Five – Ethics and Arithmetic – in a special streaming episode on May 20. What support can digital give to make the world (digital and non-digital) more accessible for the disabled? Antonella Grana will talk about it with our Ermes Tuon who will tell us about the #Accessiblelife #disentieroinsentiero project, the digital map of accessible outdoor places around the world. Andrea Tomasoni will also participate, illustrating the activities of his  start-up Re-Moove, dedicated to mobility and inclusive tourism. Come and discover the places already included in the map and visit them both in the virtual and in the real world. Save the date. May 20 at 5.00 pm Progetto Re-Cycle FB page and YouTube channel of for the episode that will be included in the GAAD – Global Accessibility Awareness Day -. When accessibility and digital meet...

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