Revenge Tourism or…forget tourism ?

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The restart after the pandemic Revenge Tourism or…forget tourism ? The restart after the pandemic by Fabio Casilli is the second article of Quaderno 15 “Tourism between revenge and regeneration” available in May from this link Tourism in recent years, i.e. from the end of 2019 to today, has undergone a real tsunami that has profoundly changed the way of “doing” tourism, both by those who use it as a tourist/traveller, whose needs have radically changed, and by tourist operators Indeed, “before” health safety did not even appear among the top twenty selection criteria. Beyond the devastating effects of the pandemic, the seriousness of Covid as a disease, its spread around the world at a speed and ease unimaginable until then, there were important and no less serious terrible and important effects from a psychological point of view.[…] Tourism has restarted...

Urban regeneration, sociability and tourism

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Urban regeneration, sociability, and tourism by Fabrizia Greta Silvestri is the first article of Quaderno 15 “Tourism between revenge and regeneration” available in May from this link “During my visit to Paris for COP21 last December, I really wanted to visit La Recyclerie before going to Bourget. Their approach is entirely ecological and demonstrates that the economy and the environment can go hand in hand”. (DEBORA O.RAPHAEL, Director of the Environment of the city of San Francisco) I have always believed in recycling as an opportunity not to pollute our planet but also to give new life to something that was no longer used. Perhaps as I grew up with a seamstress grandmother at home, since I was a child, I have had the habit of wearing clothes created from “old” customers’ clothes. This made me proud because nobody had clothes like mine! In 2021, during...

Music, culture and tourism

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“Music culture and tourism” by Chiara Pegge is the third article of our Quaderno 14 The phenomenon of Tourism and, probably, the word tourism derive from the long journey undertaken by the young European aristocrats in the eighteenth century, the so -called “Grand Tour”. Goethe, Stendhal, Burney are some of the most famous names that left significant evidence in Italy, the “Bel Paese”. The Grand Tour was a cultural journey during which the knowledge of the travelers was deepened. The printed books on this experience can be considered a sort of tourist guides. Today the methods of experiencing many events have changed considerably with the advent of technology, especially in the past three years. Continue reading “Music, culture and tourism” here Thanks to “il prato – publishing house”

Tourist or temporary citizen?

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Tourist or temporary citizen? By Lucia Ammendolia According to the latest international tourist trends, the most popular sector today is related to non-hospitality activities: B&Bs, holiday homes and apartments. The context in which this socio-cultural evolution develops is also the one in which a new concept of enjoying tourism is taking shape. The request is about an all-round experience, in which the traveler begins to discover the places, to calmly observe what is around him/her. A real journey for an active, proactive traveler, who cares about what he/she hears, what he/she tastes, what excites him/her. A tourist who is dramatically different from a “one- day – on – a -run” tourist. An experience that is not foreseen in organized trips, with scheduled itineraries and daredevils, in which the visits are races to be able to see most of the things in the shortest...

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