Is tourism a bad guy or a good guy?

Is tourism a bad guy or a good guy? by Lucia Ammendolia is the third article in our Quaderno Q17 School, professions and trends in tourism available from this link in October

Work organization requires more motivation than control, more creativity than bureaucracy, more ethics than cunning, more aesthetics than practice, more life-time balance than overtime, multitasking and availability.”

Domenico De Masi

Increasing numbers of arrivals

This year we have witnessed a strong increase in arrivals in Italy. On September 1, 2023, the data from the Territorial Observatory on national and international tourist flows were presented in Venice. Italy is the fourth most popular destination for European tourists, who invest 12% of total spending in our Bel Paese. Germany, Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands represent the largest flow of foreign tourists to Italy. Only in July did Italy overtake Spain and Great Britain. (source

Decrease in domestic tourism

Unfortunately, the bad news is that domestic tourism has struggled to take off. Yet it should be the “treasure” of the sector because it is protected from any variables that nowadays easily affect foreign tourism. Furthermore, this type of tourism, prefers less travelled national locations. This could be seen last year, with an increase in presences in many areas of the South

Young professionals and work

There are many Italians who were unable to take a holiday in 2023 or preferred cheaper destinations. Inflation, increasing prices , wages, which have remained frozen for years, no longer offer a secure economic base. Even if there is a lot of demand for work, especially in the catering and accommodation services sector, there are many young people from North to South who do not even respond to the request. Sometimes there is a feeling that young Italians do not want to make sacrifices, but the phenomenon of “great resignation”, already known in the  USA,   is rapidly expanding in Europe too […] Continue reading “Is tourism a bad guy or a good guyhere

Is tourism a bad guy or a good guy?
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