The environmental hiking guides

The environmental hiking guides is the second article of our Q17 “School, professions and tourism trends” available from October here

The activities of environmental guides in the Sibillini Mountains and Valnerina

I think that we must love Nature , understand and above all respect it. This is why – combined with the desire to get people talking about my territory –  in 2019 I started the journey to become an environmental hiking guide. Before telling you about my activities, however, I would like to explain what a GAE is and what he/she does.

Environmental guides (GAE) are professionals who lead people on excursions and in various outdoor activities. However, they don’t just do this.

The tasks of a GAE can be very varied and differ from guide to guide, from territory to territory. In addition to being a guide on a trail, they can provide naturalistic, historical and cultural information at the same time.

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