New tourism and new learning in the tourism sector

New tourism and new learning in the tourism sector by Chiara Ceccon (teacher of tourism at ITSET A. Martini Castelfranco Veneto -TV-) is the first article in our Quaderno 17 “School, professions and trends in tourism” available from this link in October

New learning in tourism
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At the end of the pandemic crisis, with all its consequences, from the reorganization of teaching to compulsory training for teachers in the field of new digital technologies, secondary schools have to face new challenges to keep up with the times and with changes in the world of work.

As a teacher of a fundamental subject in tourism, corporate tourism disciplines, I realized that the tourism sector has speeded up times in an almost uncontrollable way; in fact, it is well known that tourist flows in the Italian and international markets have recovered post-pandemic at exponential rates compared to the pre-Covid-19 period.

A demonstration of this fact is that travel agencies, especially online tour operators, have increased or changed their mission, starting from “proximity tourism” and moving towards the so-called “experiential tourism”, requested by most of the tourist demand. This is also due to revenge tourism, i.e., the desire for revenge and the increased propensity to travel after the restrictions. The accommodation facilities have also been renewed, thanks to the possibility of taking advantage of tax incentives and the offer has also been enriched with new proposals in the food and wine sector. […]

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