Human landscape: used or participated?

Human landscape: used or participated? by Antonella Grana is the fifth article in our Quaderno 16 “Human landscapes, urban landscapes” available from this link in July

This Quaderno takes me back a recent past, a past that I would call pre-Covid on one hand and post-earthquake on the other. December 10th, 2016, van loaded with everything we managed to collect with donations, 5 in the morning, direction Norcia. There is a lot of ice at that time of the morning (night?). We have a long way to run with a lot of detours because the earthquake that hit central Italy, first in August and then in October, did not spare the road network. Emanuele Persiani, the author of the first article of this Quaderno, is waiting for us.

As Emanuele tells us in his article, the earthquake has changed the landscape of the area forever. Streams, such as the Torbidone, have given birth to a sort of lake, human settlements have expanded creating dormitories where the SAE – Emergency Housing Solutions, have been built. […]

Human landscape
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[…] The participated human landscape is what is missing. An active and lively community makes a participated human landscape. A community that makes proposals even when nothing is asked. Well, this is my hope, and not only for Norcia, for all of us: a shared human landscape. It’s also up to us to make a move.

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