Turistico 20.0 – tourism from schools to the territory

Turistico 20.0 – tourism from schools to the territory – is the title of a project aimed at the Tourism Professionals of Tomorrow. In this very first phase it has involved 6 schools and two municipalities between Calabria and Veneto.

Turistico 20.0 is a sustainable tourism project that aims to enhance the whole territory of the peninsula and connect the North and South of Italy. An idea by Aida Marketing & Formazione, Paesi e Poesie, and, last but not least, Progetto Re-Cycle

As Progetto Re-Cycle we intend to interact with students and strengthen their knowledge of sustainable and inclusive tourism. In our case we can add digitalization as an extra value with  Accessible Life project by our Ermes Tuon. The Tourism Professionals of Tomorrow are the heart of Turistico 20.0. Last October, after a presentation webinar, the students who participated were asked to fill out a questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to understand their opinions and habits about tourism. We have collected all the data  and you can find the results HERE.

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