Tourism, people, training

Tourism, people, training is the introduction to our Q17 “School, professions and tourism trends” available from October here


There is a urgent need to strengthen training, nowadays funded training is of crucial importance. I have more than 25 years of experience in the sector, I know something about it, having held multiple roles. What have we done? I would say the most positive point is undoubtedly that talking about training, even in small companies, is no longer a taboo and believe me it is no small step. What do we have to do? A lot and here I go by bullet list: […]

People or lemons to squeeze? Leila’s story in Venice

Leila is a fictional name, but she represents a real person, or better to say, several people – all women – who spent a day in Venice. This is already a bad start, as they represent the tourist type that isn’t exactly well received in the lagoon city. They are those of “hit and run” tourism, the ones who go to the supermarket and prepare sandwiches which they will then eat somewhere. Maybe, while eating, somebody will tell them “Venice is not Disneyland”. It’s a shame as that these people approached the city with great respect, they tried to visit as many things as possible, but their expectations were not met. Queues everywhere, skyrocketing prices and non-existent services […]

Tourism people training
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