The storm has gone: Piave river

The storm has gone: Piave river where we returned to see if actually “The storm has gone” (1). You will certainly remember the devastating flood in November 2018 and the death of millions of trees in the mountains.

The storm has gone: Piave river

In the immediate following weeks, groups of volunteers cleaned the coast of Jesolo. A group was also guided by our Ermes. After a few months we went along the Piave to check the situation. To be precise between San Biagio di Callalta and Ponte di Piave in the province of Treviso.

Apart from some minor parts, the place is clean. The fury of water can still be noticed by some details such as the piled grass and unusual objects that remain “perched” on the branches. There are some plastic objects but they are really a small part.

For the rest the landscape has a lunar aspect and in some ways looks like a labyrinth. It seems indeed that “the storm has gone” and Piave river is quiet again

Light plays strange games, just as weird objects we found in twilight. They almost seem to have become part of the natural landscape. Let’s put it in this way, Nature will always prevail on the human being …

(1) Giacomo Leopardi “La quiete dopo la tempesta”

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