Tea at 5 in the Sibillini Mountains – ASviS 2022 Festival

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Tea at 5 n the Sibillini Mountains - ASviS 2022 Festival

Tea at 5 in the Sibillini Mountains – ASviS 2022 Festival, workshop on sustainable tourism

Our Tea finally moves in person in Bolognola, a small hamlet in the province of Macerata. As you know, or maybe you will find it out now, we have several activities in progress in this Municipality. This workshop, which has been included in the ASviS 2022 Festival, coordinates with the activities of one other project of ours: Alta Formazione 1070. #AF1070 connects its training to the sustainable development of mountain areas and communities.

Indeed, we are very keen on the development of truly sustainable and, if possible, inclusive tourism, especially for mountain areas. So, here we are!

Bolognola has a very particular history. We met at the time of the earthquake in Central Italy (2016). Since then, this small town has had to – and has been able to – face enormous problems related to reconstruction, snow emergencies and, lastly, Covid. Yet, even if very small (180 inhabitants), they are still stronger than ever, with ever more ambitious projects.

The project that gathers them all is linked to the construction of the identity “1070”. This number is the height of Bolognola above sea level.

Tea at 5 in the Sibillini Mountains - ASviS 2022 Festival

The workshop in short

In this workshop we will explore the issues related to the development of complex projects. We will also work together on a given (and challenging) task

How can we work on the identity of a territory? How to evaluate the impact of tourism on a territory? How to manage a complex project that involves the participation of several organizations and stakeholders? Can widespread hospitality act as a driver for territorial development?

Where: Bolognola (MC) – Filippo Marchetti Conference Room

When: 14th October from 2.30pm to 6.00pm

The workshop ” Tea at 5 in the Sibillini Mountains – ASviS 2022 Festival “will be in Italian. For the detailed program click here

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