Urban regeneration, sociability and tourism

Urban regeneration, sociability, and tourism by Fabrizia Greta Silvestri is the first article of Quaderno 15 “Tourism between revenge and regeneration” available in May from this link

During my visit to Paris for COP21 last December, I really wanted to visit La Recyclerie before going to Bourget. Their approach is entirely ecological and demonstrates that the economy and the environment can go hand in hand”. (DEBORA O.RAPHAEL, Director of the Environment of the city of San Francisco)

I have always believed in recycling as an opportunity not to pollute our planet but also to give new life to something that was no longer used. Perhaps as I grew up with a seamstress grandmother at home, since I was a child, I have had the habit of wearing clothes created from “old” customers’ clothes. This made me proud because nobody had clothes like mine!

In 2021, during my first post Pandemic trip to Paris, a friend introduced me to a place that has become my refuge every time I go back. La Recyclerie: it could not have had a more suitable name for the post-COVID period we were going through.

Urban regeneration
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