Digital maps, inclusion and tourism

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“Digital maps, inclusion and tourism” is the second article of Quaderno 14 Social inclusion, environmental sustainability, territory, and digital services can be combined in many, different ways. Social inclusion and environmental sustainability are elements that are often viewed with suspicion or annoyance by commercial activities. In fact the first word that is often associated with these is “costs”, and the second “enforcement”. “Making a place Inclusive, Accessible and Sustainable means spending, but I have to do it because it’s the law”. Therefore I have started to write this article as an  itinerary through a sequence of keywords linked together by a logical sequence. Continue reading “Digital maps,inclusion and tourism ” here Thanks to Il prato -publishing house

Bolognola and its trails

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Bolognola and its trails were “a discovery” (for us) on April 21, 2018. We went up to Pintura, and the first things that struck us were the view of the sea, and the numerous trails that radiate out to cross the Sibillini Mountains. A beautiful area that was already in the reconstruction phase after the earthquake. The Municipality was thinking about how to relaunch the area, starting precisely from its characteristics. The second thing that struck us is a signal, located in the village square, which shows all the “Mountain Bike Excursions”. When we asked if we could have the itineraries in a Digital Map, accessible by mobile, we were told that yes, all the paths could be downloaded “in PDF format”. Why a digital map? From there, a collaboration process began with the Municipality of Bolognola, with the aim of being able to transfer information into a real...

Burano, somewhere over the rainbow

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Burano and the colors of the rainbow to give some light in these strange days. Since we cannot move, we continue with our photographic walks in an environment that is becoming more and more sustainable day by day. Burano and the Venetian lagoon where Nature is regaining its place Some info Writing about Venice and its Lagoon is not very simple. Venice and the Lagoon, and the other islands like Burano inside the lagoon, are part of a complex ecosystem with a lot of different aspects. The heterogeneity of what we call Venice is clearly visible by clicking on this link.  Mestre, on the mainland, is representing the Industrial / Commercial part of the area.Venezia, the unique city, is the touristic, overcrowded aspect, as opposed to Lio Piccolo, the rural area of the Lagoon, where quiet and nature are the absolute protagonists. Venice, the crowd and the parties of Carnival just a...

The sixth R. Rethinking, redesign

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At the beginning there were 3 of them. The three Rs that represented the cardinal principles of respect for the environment: Reduce the amount of waste you produce. A recognition of the difficulty of a world without waste, but certainly the key principle to start managing the next steps. Reuse for a different purpose what you already have and that is no longer useful for the initial purpose. An extension of the life of what you have. Give or exchange what you no longer need, but which can serve others Recycle everything that you can’t reuse, through waste sorting and composting By increasing the awareness, two more Rs have been introduced. The change of principle is clear, as the new concepts have an important potential impact on the market, and therefore on the world economy. Recover / Repair. Almost an extension of Reuse / Recycle, with the awareness that our planet is not a...

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