The sixth R. Rethinking, redesign

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At the beginning there were 3 of them. The three Rs that represented the cardinal principles of respect for the environment: Reduce the amount of waste you produce. A recognition of the difficulty of a world without waste, but certainly the key principle to start managing the next steps. Reuse for a different purpose what you already have and that is no longer useful for the initial purpose. An extension of the life of what you have. Give or exchange what you no longer need, but which can serve others Recycle everything that you can’t reuse, through waste sorting and composting By increasing the awareness, two more Rs have been introduced. The change of principle is clear, as the new concepts have an important potential impact on the market, and therefore on the world economy. Recover / Repair. Almost an extension of Reuse / Recycle, with the awareness that our planet is not a...

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