Tea at five – ethics and arithmetic

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In March, “Tea at five” starts again with a specific subtitle: ethics and arithmetic. The edition is completely renewed and marks a change of pace compared to the previous series. We will focus again on recycling as a value for sustainability, a cornerstone of Progetto  Re-Cycle With the unexpected outbreak of the pandemic, we concentrated our efforts on the impact of the crisis on production activities and on aspects of sustainable reorganization. The latter representing the necessary counterbalance to the pandemic itself. Nothing will go back to the way it was before, and we have to take for certain the need for a change. Recent events have violently demonstrated that the relationship between man and nature is unbalanced. We need to rethink this relationship from a more sustainable and respectful perspective. Starting from the economy and production processes, from the use of...

Courses for sustainability

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After our on line streaming  event “Tea at Five”  we are going to begin our “courses for sustainability”  to go deeper in this broad – too much broad indeed – subject. Starting from November 17, every Tuesday and Thursday at 18.00, we will deal with sustainability in  a series of online courses focused on the goals discussed during the live streaming. We will therefore focus on goal 12 – sustainable production – goal 8 – digital transformation, territory and sustainable tourism – It is really important for us to continue on the path taken, to deepen our knowledge and to provide everybody with the tools to act on sustainability. Our courses are aimed primarily at businesses, professionals and students. University professors and professionals will held the lessons via Google meet and they recommend an interactive participation. Our courses for...

Tomorrow’s tourism and sustainable tourism

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From October 2020 tomorrow’s tourism and sustainable tourism are becoming an increasingly important topic for Progetto Re-Cycle. We have been working for some time on digital transformation projects for the territories. Our #disentieroinsentiero project, on accessible places, is gaining more and more visibility while unexpected new implications are emerging. Respire – France And now what’s new? Something really cool: we have joined an association that  is focused on tourism and above all tourism of tomorrow, after what we are learning from pandemic. This association gives its activities an international “breath”. Its name is “Respire, le Tourisme de Demain”.  It is based in France but is developing fast in other parts of the world, especially the USA and Japan. We firmly believe in the interaction and integration of different areas. That is...

Tea at five… at six o’clock

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Here we are, back again with our “tea at five… at six o’clock”. This time we have a very special edition: We will be on line at six o’clock. You can follow us on FB and YouTube Four episodes with more guests Our Tea has been included in ASviS Sustainable Development Festival Different aspects related to the development of a sustainable world will be discussed in four days. Here is the link to the detailed programme . The speeches will be held in Italian Tea at five… at six o’clock – an idea by Antonella Grana – September 28 – Sustainable Tourism September 29 – Art for inclusion September 30 – Sustainable production October 1 – Sustainable cities and spaces Missed the past editions? You can watch the 19 videos here: Click here For the programmes click...

Tea at five o’clock -second edition

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Tea at five o’clock – informal conversations on FB, YouTube with entrepreneurs, consultants and people from Non Profit Organizations.- reaches its second edition. With the first 10 meetings in live streaming, we have achieved our goal of listening and relating People from different backgrounds: from entrepreneurs to Non Profit operators, from consultants to administrators of public bodies. Now we had musicians, tour operators and merchants. As Progetto Re-Cycle we firmly believe that a positive change can be generated by the interaction between two worlds.  The world represented by culture and non-profit with the world of companies and profit. The recent lockdown can be an opportunity to become a better country. We do not need useless disputes  and we need to share ideas, we can start from ideas to work on a better future. The message about our consumption and business models, about...

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