Sustainability and a flower

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Sustainability and a flower in All you need is a flower -100 hours for the environment. In more than 100 hours of events we have tried to answer and ask questions about a sustainable world. Sustainability, a term that embraces concepts that are difficult to summarize if not by using the 17 goals of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development. Even keeping the Agenda as a “compass” it is still difficult to give the full meaning of the five days of speeches held last June. In order to make your reading easier we have decided to give the structure of Air, Land and Water to Quaderno 11. We really hope that you can enjoy the complexity of what has been discussed. Air Three articles dealing with the air element. The destructive air of the Vaia storm – by Thierry Robert Luciani -, the extremely polluted air of fine dust – by Salvatore Patti – and finally the...

100 hours for Environment

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100 hours for Environment, the event that took place from 5 to 9 June, whose full title was “All you need is a flower – 100 hours for environment” “Ci vuole un fiore – 100 ore per l’ambiente”. The entire event, 5 days, was included in ASVIS Festival Program, the annual Sustainable Development Festival the greatest event in Italy dedicated to the 2030 Agenda The flower is a symbol of changing perspective, as in our cover photo The small, delicate blue flowers are in front of a devastated area in Italy. We will not show the devastation, we will not specify the place, what is enough to know is that “ All you need a flower” We have collected most of the speeches of the 5 days event, which took place at Negozio Piave 67 , in a short video, just a few minutes. In a couple of months we will have a publication. What is  important, and that has emerged with...

The (tiring) rise

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The (tiring) rise is the term that has immediately come up when we have seen the ​​photos sphere. And it is also the term that defines the long and  sometimes tiring way of Progetto Re-Cycle better than others. We did not stop and a few days ago we became an APS – Associazione di Promozione Sociale – which will allow us to carry out ongoing projects (and new ones coming) more incisively. Our story is not straightforward, quite the opposite. We started as a scientific online magazine in 2015, then we added the association – end of 2016 – and now this additional step. One thing is certain: change does not scare us It wasn’t easy  to define what Progetto Re-Cycle is, to find our identity – even if we prefer soul – and how it is evolving. Joining together culture and economic processes, association, society and business for someone is probably still...

The butterfly effect from Italy to Costa Rica

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The Butterfly effect, when small actions can contribute generating great changes In a tiny little village (no it is not the village of An early Christmas Carol), up on the green hills in Friuli Venezia Giulia, there were (and still there are) many – but really many ,many, butterflies. You can see butterflies everywhere, on the wall of the houses, in the streets and in their own house. The butterfly house is so big, three big apartments with trees, plants, water (it is a bit humid in there) and butterflies flying everywhere or resting on some flowers. Before arriving in their apartments the butterflies travelled for a long time, they crossed the Ocean but they were babies and they can’t remember their long journey. They know only the tiny little village on the green hills and they are happy like that. It was too obvious to describe the three greenhouses and the butterflies and I have...

All you need is a flower – 100 hours for the environment

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All you need is  a flower – 100 hours for the environment. This is the title of the event developed  thanks to the “stubbornness” of Movimento Caparbia, and a bit of our stubbornness too- , a really “big” event that brings together conferences, music, culture and recreational activities. It will take place from June 5 to June 9 in the area of “terraferma” which is not far from Venice: Marghera and Mestre The events of last October and November, which brought considerable damage to the Venetian forest heritage, to the heart of Venice, to the coasts – and affected many other areas of our territory – have greatly affected us. They  have added greater evidence to what we have already under our eyes for several years. Climate change, air pollution, in particular the area of ​​the Po valley, the accumulation of waste, the depletion of...

Re-designing environment and work in Venezia

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Take a walk with us for re-designing environment and work in Venezia. This is the subject of our new Quaderno, Q10. We will take you in the hidden parts of this amazing city. You will visit the most beautiful parts with small and secret “botteghe” – workshops. But you will also visit the grey parts of the industrial area. The focus is Venezia, its lagoon and the area nearby made up of small and large enterprises. Old and new work places where culture, economy and environment mix up together. Can we re-design economy and take into account in the same time, the needs of persons, environment and culture? We will give you a practical example with Antica Stamperia Armena, which is re-starting its activities in the heart of Venice. And last but not least we will analyze skills and relationships in work places. How is Humility considered nowdays? Is it a value or not? Well,...

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